Island Hopping Beyond the Southernmost Point of Asia

Not many people are aware that further south of Sentosa, there exists multiple islands belonging to Singapore’s sovereignty. These islands feature amazing landscapes and is a great choice for relaxation and time for unwinding.

This value can be use for a maximum of 4 persons in a tour.

Package includes:

Program highlights (listed below), transportation on Singapore mainland, transportation to the islands and guide services for 8 hours.

Lunch is provided before tour

Program Highlights:

Visit to St John’s Island

  • See beautiful landscapes of St John and Lazarus islands
  • Hit the beach!
  • Enjoy a stroll on the isthmus between St John and Lazarus islands


Visit to Kusu Island

  • See the many tortoise found near the centre of the island
  • Check out marine life
  • See amazing sights from the spit of Kusu Island
  • Visit the mosques and Guan Yin temple. Pray and make a wish for blessings, or just enjoy the beautiful architecture.

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