9 Days 7 Nights Selection Of Kyushu + Okinawa

9天7晚 九州+冲绳岛精选之旅

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9 Days
Availability : April - December
Tour Details

Tour Code:AJP-13
Airline: MU/ JL / NH

Tour Code: AJP-13
Airline: MU/ JL / NH


  • Okinawa *Subtropical botanical garden city greening
    [Ocean Expo Park]
  • *Experience South Island Natural Garden -[Fruit Farm]
  • *Historical Sites, World Cultural Heritage - [Shuri Castle]
  • *Semi Submersible Submarine
  • *Kokusai Doori Outlest Mall Kyushu
  • Shinchi Chinatown
  • Oura Church
  • Night View of Mount Inasa
  • Kumamoto Castle
  • Kusasenri
  • Dazaifu Tenman-gu
  • Hakata Cacal


  • 冲绳岛 *亚热带都市绿化植物园【海洋博公园】
  • *体验南国岛屿自然风光的庭园【水果乐园】
  • *古迹、世界文化遗产—【首里城】
  • *冲绳代表名胜-万座毛
  • * 半潜水艇
  • *【国际通】【OUTLET MALL】尽情购物 九州
  • *大埔天主教堂
  • *熊本城堡
  • 稲佐山夜景(缆车)
  • 朝日啤酒博多工厂
  • 博多运河城
Tour Booking Information
  • Minimum Group Size of 15 Adults is required for a confirmed departure. Should minimum group size not be met, Super Travels Pte Ltd shall reserve the right to cancel the tour and refund the deposit paid to the customers concerned and Super Travels shall not be held responsible for any further monies claims whatsoever;
  • All itineraries are subject to changes (due to Flight Schedules, Land and Sea Transport and other causes of an unpredictable nature) and final confirmation from our overseas land operators. Our company, as a Travel Agent cannot be held responsible for any changes so being made to the itineraries due to any but not limited to the above-mentioned factors;
  • We urge all customers to be extra careful with their own personal belongings. Should there be any theft or loss of belongings, Super Travels Pte Ltd shall not be held responsible;
  • Should there be any discrepancies over the English and Chinese Version of the Itinerary, we shall follow accordingly to the English Version.
  • We, as a Travel Agent, shall not be held responsible in the event of a flight delay which can lead to disruptions in the itinerary.
  • During major events and festivals, accommodation may be relocated to outside of the city or in another city without prior notice.
  • During peak season, the Tour leader might not be flying with the group. He/She will instead be waiting for the group in the designated destination.
  • 确认离开时,最少团体人数为15名成人。如果不符合最小团体规模,Super Travels Pte Ltd保留取消旅行并退还支付给有关客户的押金的权利,Super Travels不对任何进一步的款项索赔负责;
  • 所有行程可能会有变化(由于航班时刻表,陆地和海上运输以及其他不可预测的原因)以及我们海外陆地运营商的最终确认。我们公司作为旅行社不对由于任何但不限于上述因素而对行程所做的任何变更负责;
  • 我们敦促所有客户对自己的个人物品格外小心。如果有任何盗窃或丢失的物品,Super Travels Pte Ltd将不承担任何责任;
  • 如果英文版和中文版的行程有任何差异,我们将按照英文版进行操作。
  • 作为旅行代理商,如果航班延误可能导致行程中断,我们将不承担任何责任。
  • 在重大活动和节日期间,住宿可能会被重新安置到城外或其他城市,恕不另行通知。
  • 在高峰时段,巡回赛领队可能不会与团队一起飞行。他/她将等待指定目的地的团体。

Tour itinerary and flight details are subject to final confirmation.
Please refer to Chinese itinerary version for more details.


English Itinerary

Day 1 Singapore – Fukuoka (MOB)

Tonight, you will assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for our flight to Fukuoka, one of Japan’s largest and most popular city.

Day 2Fukuoka - Nagasaki (L/D)

Upon arrival, proceed to Nagasaki. You will visit Nagasaki Chinatown, also known as Shinchi Chinatown, is Japan’s oldest chinatown. It was established as early as the 17th century, due to the fact that Nagasaki’s port remained the country’s only major port opened to Chinese trade during the era of isolation. Next, you will visit Oura Catholic Church which is considered the oldest standing Christian church in Japan, and is the only Western building to be designated as a national treasure. Continue onwards, you will go to Hollander Slope . Enjoy the night view in Mt. Inasa-Yama (Include Cable car), 333 meters above sea level, is in the northwestern part of the city of Nagasaki and is known as the best viewing point there. A round observation station on the top of the hill provides not only a panoramic view of the beautiful harbor, sometimes called “the port of cranes”.

Day 3Nagasaki - Kumamoto - Mt Aso (B/L/D)

Today, take a ferry ride to Kumamoto. Upon arrival, you will make a visit to Kumamoto Castle which is located at hilltop, and extremely well-fortified castle. The biggest highlight in our Mt Aso Sightseeing Tour is Kusasenri. Originally it was the place at a crater that turned to two ponds collecting rainwater along with grassland of about 1km in diameter. Moving onward to Mount Aso; the largest active volcano in Japan which has a magnificent view of the living volcano which will most certainly leave a wonderful lifetime memory in your heart.

Day 4Aso - Tosu - Fukuoka (B/L/D)

Today, you will proceed to the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine. Continue you will visit Ashahi Brewery Hakata. Tosu Premium Outlets, which is Kyushu’s greatest outlet mall, attracting shoppers from many locations. Canal City Hakata, which is a large shopping and entertainment complex which boasts numerous attractions.

Day 5Fukuoka - Okinawa (B)

This morning, you will leave Kyushu and take a domestic flight to Okinawa. Upon arrival at Okinawa, you will be warmly welcomed by the local tour guide. You will next proceed to check-in at hotel, thereafter, the rest of the day is free at your own leisure. Here, you can consider going to the local duty free shop for purchases of souvenirs or stroll along the beach.

Day 6Okinawa (B/L/D)

After breakfast, proceed to【Ocean Expo Park】, one of the most famous tropical botanic garden in Asia. It consists of a collection of plant specimens of tropical and subtropical parks and dolphin watching. We will then bypass 【Rainbow Coral Sea】. After lunch, you will visit【Fruits Land】, the facility exhibits rare tropical/subtropical fruit trees. Begin your tour from the Fruit Zone, which showcases rare fruits of the south, on to the Butterfly Zone to get a good look at tree nymph butterfly, the biggest butterfly in Japan, and then through the Bird Zone to listen to the humming of the colorful birds.

Day 7Okinawa (B/L/D)

Today, proceed to【Manza-mo】, one of the most famous places of attraction. Then, continue to【Shurijo Castle】, This ancient city was the residence of the Ryukyu royal family for about 450 years, since the early 15th century, and shone out as a focus for a brilliant dynastic culture. The Seiden, above all, is its most important structure, as the site where politics and ceremonies were enacted with the King in attendance. Next, proceed towards【Gala Sea Salt Museum】to experience making of “sea salt” flavored ice cream (on own expense) and learn the modern processing of sea salt. Visit Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Toiletries and Other Daily Necessities Store. Then, enjoy a great shopping spree at【Kokusai Doori】&【Outlets Mall】.

Day 8Okinawa (B/L)

This morning, visit the【Peace Park】and Passenger Semi-Submersible Craft. Continue your journey to visit the 【Okinawa World】(also known as okinawa world culture kingdom-yuquan), which is Okinawa culture theme park. Next, visit 【Yuquan Cave】- the second largest limestone cave in Japan, also regarded as the biggest cave in Okinawa. The Wang Village has also been traditionally built, where you can experience traditional works such as sewing cloth, origami, sweets processing. You can also take this opportunity to buy their local souvenirs home.

Day 9Okinawa - Singapore (B)

Today, we will visit【Naminoue Jingu】and 【Confucius Temple】. After that, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back Singapore. Thank you for traveling with Super Travels. We sincerely wish to see you again in your next journey soon.

Chinese Itinerary (华文行程)

第一天新加波 - 上海/北京 - 九州


第二天福冈 - 长崎 (L/D)


第三天长崎 - 熊本 - 阿苏火山 (B/L/D)


第四天阿苏 - 岛栖 - 福冈 (B/L/D)


第五天福冈 - 冲绳岛 Okinawa (B)


第六天冲绳岛 (B/L/D)


第七天 冲绳岛 (B/L/D)

早餐后前往【萬座毛】是代表冲绳的名胜景观之一。萬座毛,因海浪長年侵蝕,石灰岩的懸涯峭壁形成了遠看猶如象鼻般的獨特造型。之后前往琉球王朝时代的古迹、世界文化遗产—【首里城】参观。冲绳曾是一个古国,名为琉球王国。15世纪初,巴志王统一琉球,受明朝赐姓尚,开始筑首里城。首里城是琉球国王所建的都城,依照北京紫禁城为蓝本而建立,细节上的各种装饰又具有浓郁的琉球风情。午餐后,你可以在【GALA海盐馆】自费亲手制作“海盐”冰淇淋,并感受古人制作海盐的过程。之后前往【药妆店】,【国际通】商业街,这里集合了全世界各式各样的民族艺品店、珊瑚贝壳馆、咖啡厅、百元商店、电影院、计算机电器展示贩卖馆以及和东京同步流行的各式时尚精品,在这里您将发现各式各样日本商品及各式零食、点心、小玩意.我们也将前往【OUTLET MALL】这里展現出古希腊时期期建筑现代风貌的购物中心,以欧洲知名品牌为中心,享受更高层次的购物乐趣。

第八天 冲绳岛 (B/L)

早餐后前往【半潜水艇】;【平和公园】 宽敞的平和纪念公园位于海岛南部顶端附近。它的主要观光点是冲绳县平和祈念资料馆,里面庄严的记载着战争发生、战争本身和冲绳岛的重建历史。 公园的其它纪念碑包括“平和之础”,由很多大石板组成,上面刻着所有阵亡的战士和平民的名字,也包括韩国人、台湾人、美国人和不列颠人。之后前往【冲绳世界】(也被称为冲绳世界文化王国—玉泉洞)是有关冲绳文化的主题公园。公园的主要景点包括玉泉洞、王国村和波布蛇公园。玉泉洞全长5公里,是日本第二大的钟乳石山洞,也是冲绳岛南部众多【钟乳石山洞】中最长的一个,目前拥有壮观钟乳石和石笋的前890米已经对外开放。

第九天 冲绳岛 - 新加坡 (B)