8 Days Hulubuir Grassland/Shiwei/Moerdaoga/Aoluguya

8天呼伦贝尔大草原 室韦+莫尔道嘎+敖鲁古雅全景游

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8 Days
Availability : April - December
Beijing - Hailar
Tour Details

Tour code: NEC12
– Complimentary Gifts:Mongolian Milk Tea, Mongolian Costume photo taking, Mongolian special yogurt,a bottle of water per person everyday,
◆ Special meals arrangement:Korean BBQ, Mongolian hand-grabbed mutton, Mutton Shabu Shabu, wok stew, Hulunbuir fish feast, Russian style lunch
***No shopping tour***

Tour code: NEC12
– 舒适赠送:品尝蒙古奶茶,蒙古服饰草原留念,本社并赠送海区特色酸奶,每人每天一瓶矿泉水,
◆ 特色美食:韩式风味炭火烤肉、蒙古特色手把、涮羊肉、铁锅炖,呼伦湖鱼宴、


  • Hulunbuir Grassland
  • Daxing'anling Primeval Forest
  • Ergun wetlands
  • Largest port "Manchuria"
  • Moerdaoga National Forest Park
  • Aoluguya Museum
  • Primitive Hunting tribe
  • Matryoshka Doll Square


  • 中国北方有一片土地,那里是中国最后一片没有污染的土地。CCTV评选的“中国最美的草原”—呼伦贝尔大草原、大兴安岭原始森林、 “亚洲最美湿地”额尔古纳湿地,还有 “中国最大的陆路口岸”边城满洲里。
  • 景色迷人:美丽名镇、边境小城、白桦林、最美湿地、草原体验……
  • 金帐汗蒙古部落、额尔古纳湿地、莫尔道嘎国家森林公园、敖鲁古雅博物馆、原始狩猎部落、套娃广场
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  • All itineraries are subject to changes (due to Flight Schedules, Land and Sea Transport and other causes of an unpredictable nature) and final confirmation from our overseas land operators. Our company, as a Travel Agent cannot be held responsible for any changes so being made to the itineraries due to any but not limited to the above-mentioned factors;
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  • During peak season, the Tour leader might not be flying with the group. He/She will instead be waiting for the group in the designated destination.
  • 确认离开时,最少团体人数为15名成人。如果不符合最小团体规模,Super Travels Pte Ltd保留取消旅行并退还支付给有关客户的押金的权利,Super Travels不对任何进一步的款项索赔负责;
  • 所有行程可能会有变化(由于航班时刻表,陆地和海上运输以及其他不可预测的原因)以及我们海外陆地运营商的最终确认。我们公司作为旅行社不对由于任何但不限于上述因素而对行程所做的任何变更负责;
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  • 作为旅行代理商,如果航班延误可能导致行程中断,我们将不承担任何责任。
  • 在重大活动和节日期间,住宿可能会被重新安置到城外或其他城市,恕不另行通知。
  • 在高峰时段,巡回赛领队可能不会与团队一起飞行。他/她将等待指定目的地的团体。

Tour itinerary and flight details are subject to final confirmation.
Please refer to Chinese itinerary version for more details.


English Itinerary

Day 1Singapore - Beijing - Hailar

Hailar is hailed as Inner Mongolia’s “Pearl of the Grasslands”, which is located in the northeast of Inner Mongolia, west of Daxing’anling, and the hinterland of Hulunbuir Grassland. Hailar acts as a gateway between China and Russia The Hailar River flows through the city and the river flows through the city. name. Hailar is the Mongolian language “haliar” sounded, meaning “wild leeks”, named because of the wild leeks on both sides of the river.

Day 2 Hailar - (about 40 mins) - Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe - (about 2 hrs) - Ergun (B/L/D)

Today, after breakfast, we will proceed to [Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe] on the banks of the Moergele River, Hulunbuir Grassland “China’s first Qushui”. This is the only prairie scenic spot with nomadic tribes in the Hulun Buir area. The location of Feng Xiaoning’s film “Gada Meilin” is where the male protagonist of the film is the master of the area. The layout of the Golden Horde attractions is the epitome and reproduction of the Genghis Khan’s account and the appreciation of the banks of the Moergele River. Beautiful grassland scenery. Upon arrival, accept the highest welcoming ceremony of the Mongolian people – welcome drink & Oboo, experience the mystery and romantic encounter of the Oboo. Special lunch arrangement – hand-grabbed mutton, then travel to Ergun City while enjoy beautiful scenery along the way.

Day 3Ergun - (about 2.5 hrs) Shi Wei (B/L/D)

After breakfast, visit the Erguna Wetland (including eco car) which lies at the northwest side of the Greater Khingan Mountains and the eastern bank of Erguna River. This is the best preserved, largest with the most species-rich natural resources wetland area in Hulun Buir City, as well as in the country. And it is known as the No.1 wetland in Asia. Here, you can experience the relaxation brought by the nature and its beauty. After lunch, our journey takes us to Shiwei, passby Sanhe Hui Ethnic Township (home of the Sanhe Horse).The road stretches from the grassland to the forest, and that the birch forest in Ergun District belongs to the primeval forest area. The blue sky, green grass, birch forest, mysterious agate grassland, and flowing rivers raise the most beautiful wetland in Asia. Arriving at the hometown of the Chinese and Russian descendants of one of CCTV’s ten most attractive towns in 2006 – Shiwei, the wisdom of the yellow-skinned man and the enthusiasm of the blue-eyed woman created Shiwei, which is separated from Russia by a river. Dinner will be the Chinese home-style Russian cuisine. Tonight we will be staying in a home-style hotel, although the conditions are not as good as those of a city hotel, but you can experience the Russian-style traditional cultural and lifestyle of Chinese and Russian descendants.

Day 4Shiwei - (about 1.5 hrs) - Moerdaoga (Moerdaoga National Forest Park) (B/L/D)

After breakfast, on our way to our next destination, enjoy the scenery of the Daxing’anling primeval forest. Lunch at Moerdaoga Town. Afterwards, proceed to Moerdaoga National Forest Park, take a photo tour of the park gate. Director Feng Xiaogang’s famous movie 《the Banquet》was filmed here. Tour Daxing’anling Natural Ecological Park. View the beautiful forest sea scenery, and then proceed to the White Deer Island Resort, tonight we will stay at White Deer Island Hotel.  

Day 5Moerdaoga - (2H) - Genhe (Aoluguya Museum) - (2H) Ergun City (B/L/D)

After breakfast, drive to the city of Genhe, known as the “Green Treasury,” which is dominated by forest landscapes and praised as “Everything is everywhere, and scenery is wonderful.” Visit the Aoluguya Museum, Hunter township of Genhe’s Aoluguya contributes to a unique natural and cultural landscape of Genhe city. After lunch, tour the primitive hunting tribe with original primeval features, enter the original house which they usually live in, feed the reindeer, and taste the local specialty forest products. After arriving at Ergun City, check in the hotel.

Day 6Ergun - (3.5H) Manchuria    (B/L/D)

After breakfast, transfer to Manchuria City, here is the bridgehead city of the Eurasian Continental Bridge. Manchuria is a port city with a hundred years of history. It is known as “the Window of Asia” and is a very clean and beautiful small city, is the largest land port in China. Tour the Matryoshka Doll Square is one of the world’s largest special-shaped building complexes. There are more than 100 dolls in different sizes on the square, with different styles, and a long-distance view of the “Guomen” or otherwise, “national gate”. Tonight, overnight in Manchuria. 

Day 7Manchuria - (1H) Hulun Lake - (3H) Hailar (B/L/D)

After breakfast, proceed to visit Hulun Lake (includes cruise ride). Hulun Lake is the largest lake in the north of China and one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China. It is surrounded by waves of blue waters and is quiet and peaceful. Every year, this beautiful lake attracts numerous photo enthusiasts and tourists. Hulun Lake is a paradise for birds and fishes. At this lunch, you can taste the famous fish feast. Afterward, we return to Hailar, visit the Xishan National Forest Park. Located in the western suburb of Hailar, the capital of Inner Mongolia’s Hulun Buir, is the only national forest park with the natural landscape of pinus sylvestris forest as the main body. Visiting the Sukhbaatar Square, previously known as Chinggis Square, named after the great man Genghis Khan, is the largest square in Hulunbuir so far and one of the landmarks in the Hailar District.

Day 8Hailar - Beijing - Singapore (B)

After breakfast, proceed to Hailar Dongshan Airport and flight back to home sweet home Singapore!  

Tour itinerary and flight details are subject to final confirmation.
Please refer to Chinese itinerary version for more details.

Chinese Itinerary (华文行程)

第一天新加坡 - 北京 - 海拉尔


第二天海拉尔 - (约40分钟) - 金帐汗蒙古部落 - (约2小时) - 额尔古纳 (早/午/晚餐)


第三天额尔古纳 - (约2.5小时)室韦 (早/午/晚餐)


第四天室韦 - (约1.5小时) - 莫尔道嘎(莫尔道嘎国家森林公园) (早/午/晚餐)


第五天莫尔道嘎 - (2H)-根河(敖鲁古雅博物馆)- (2H)额尔古纳市 (早/午/晚餐)


第六天尔古纳 - (3.5H) 满洲里 (早/午/晚餐)


第七天满洲里 - 1H呼伦湖 - 3H海拉尔 (早/午/晚餐)


第八天海拉尔 - 北京 - 新加坡 (早餐)