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8 Days
Availability : April - December
Tour Details

Tour Code: NWC07
Airline: CA/MU/CZ
Hotel: 4 * HOTEL
Special upgrade 2 nights 5* hotels
**Tour the Northwest of China, taste Xixia Cuisine

Tour Code: NWC07
Dep: 二/四/六
Airline: CA/MU/CZ


  • Shapotou Scenic Area
  • Yellow River Stone Forest National Park
  • Western Xia Imperial Tombs
  • Shuidonggou site
  • Sand Lake Scenic Area
  • China West Film City
  • Tonghu Grassland
  • Qingtingxia 108 tower
  • Compulsory Tour:
    Tonghu Prairie bonfire party + Shapotou 3D glass walkway + Shuidonggou Performance + Mutton Shabu-Shabu =RMB600/PAX


  • 北国风光与江南美景的有机结合—『沙湖风景区』
  • 『镇北堡西部影城』,被誉为“东方好莱坞”
  • 中国最美的五大沙漠之-『沙坡头风景区』
  • 电影《花木兰》拍摄地─『黄河石林风景区』
  • 东方金字塔─『西夏王陵』
  • 中国史前考古的发祥地—『水洞沟遗址』+实景体验+电瓶车+拖拉机
  • 沙草融合的壮丽画卷─『通湖草原』
  • 中国古塔建筑中仅见的大型塔群─『青铜峡108塔』
  • 必须自费项目:
    沙坡头3D玻璃桥+通湖草原篝火晚会+水洞沟 《北疆天歌》表演+涮羊肉吃到饱=RMB600/人
Tour Booking Information
  • Minimum Group Size of 15 Adults is required for a confirmed departure. Should minimum group size not be met, Super Travels Pte Ltd shall reserve the right to cancel the tour and refund the deposit paid to the customers concerned and Super Travels shall not be held responsible for any further monies claims whatsoever;
  • All itineraries are subject to changes (due to Flight Schedules, Land and Sea Transport and other causes of an unpredictable nature) and final confirmation from our overseas land operators. Our company, as a Travel Agent cannot be held responsible for any changes so being made to the itineraries due to any but not limited to the above-mentioned factors;
  • We urge all customers to be extra careful with their own personal belongings. Should there be any theft or loss of belongings, Super Travels Pte Ltd shall not be held responsible;
  • Should there be any discrepancies over the English and Chinese Version of the Itinerary, we shall follow accordingly to the English Version.
  • We, as a Travel Agent, shall not be held responsible in the event of a flight delay which can lead to disruptions in the itinerary.
  • During major events and festivals, accommodation may be relocated to outside of the city or in another city without prior notice.
  • During peak season, the Tour leader might not be flying with the group. He/She will instead be waiting for the group in the designated destination.
  • 确认离开时,最少团体人数为15名成人。如果不符合最小团体规模,Super Travels Pte Ltd保留取消旅行并退还支付给有关客户的押金的权利,Super Travels不对任何进一步的款项索赔负责;
  • 所有行程可能会有变化(由于航班时刻表,陆地和海上运输以及其他不可预测的原因)以及我们海外陆地运营商的最终确认。我们公司作为旅行社不对由于任何但不限于上述因素而对行程所做的任何变更负责;
  • 我们敦促所有客户对自己的个人物品格外小心。如果有任何盗窃或丢失的物品,Super Travels Pte Ltd将不承担任何责任;
  • 如果英文版和中文版的行程有任何差异,我们将按照英文版进行操作。
  • 作为旅行代理商,如果航班延误可能导致行程中断,我们将不承担任何责任。
  • 在重大活动和节日期间,住宿可能会被重新安置到城外或其他城市,恕不另行通知。
  • 在高峰时段,巡回赛领队可能不会与团队一起飞行。他/她将等待指定目的地的团体。

Tour itinerary and flight details are subject to final confirmation.
Please refer to Chinese itinerary version for more details.


English Itinerary

Day 1Singapore - Yinchuan

Today, you fly to Yinchuan. Yichuan has a long history and is an ancient city full of rich Islam ethnic characteristics.

Day 2Yinchuan - Western Xia Mausoleums - Helan Mountain - Film City (B / L / D)

【Western Xia Mausoleums】(Including Eco Car): This cemetery site is one of the largest and most well-preserved imperial mausoleums in China and is known as the “Oriental Pyramid”
【Helan Mountain Rock Carvings】 (including Eco car): Helan Mountain Rock Paintings are distributed in 9 counties (districts) in the foot of Helan Mountain of Ningxia, for a total of 27 locations.
【Western Film City】is famous for its remarkable cultural impact, and was awarded “The Best Tourist Scenic Areas” in China. Movies such as The Herdsman, Red Sorghum, New Dragon Gate Inn and so on were filmed here.

Day 3Yinchuan - Zhongwei (B/L/D)

【China Yellow River Tower】 is a landmark at the golden bank of Yellow River in Ningxia and is known as “the First Tall Tower at the Golden Bank of Yellow River” with a total height of 108 meters. 【Qingtongxia 108 Pagodas】This 108 pagodas form in 12 rows, the overall layout is narrow on the top and wide on the bottom, form an isosceles triangle, which is a unique style. 【Zhongwei Gao Temple】or High Temple, is a grand jumble of buildings and styles which has about 250 temple rooms, towers and pavilions; which are built symmetrically and layers upon layers to 29 meters high.

Day 4Zhongwei (B/L/D)

【Shapotou Tourism Area】
(including Eco car, upwards cablecar+ sandboarding or downwards cable car) is regarded as one of the five most beautiful deserts in China, and is widely recognized as the Capital of Sand, where the Yellow River flows.
【3D GlassWalkway – compulsory tour】The first 3D glass bridge across the Yellow River officially opened to the public.
【Tonghu Grassland】(compulsory tour) located north of the shared border between Inner Mongolia and Ningxia, is a wetland grassland in the heart of Tengger Desert, encompasses the mesmerizing landscapes of the sand dunes, inter-connected lakes, and huge grassland area. Tonight, experience the Bonfire party by sitting on the vast grassland, listening to the local folkmusic , while watching the mongolian horse-riding and dance performances.

Day 5Zhongwei - Jingtai - Zhongwei ( B/L/D)

【The Yellow River Stone Forest】
We include the 22 bend sightseeing bus; the Yellow River sheepskin raft, Donkey Cartand other special services.
Experience some of the oldest mode of transports – the sheepskin raft & donkey cart; and view the magnificent Stone Forest landscape.

Day 6Zhongwei - Yinchuan (B/L/D)

【China Hui Cultural Park】features display includes Hui folk culture, religion, dances, songs and movies, food, commerce and agriculture. The Hui culture is an integration of Islamic culture and traditional Chinese culture from the
Han and Tang Dynasty. 
【Yellow River Palace】The main building is 36.9 meters high, built on the creative concept of the poem by the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, “the water of Yellow River comes from heaven,” the condensed into droplets in architectural form.
【Muslim Village】(home visit) Full of rich and unique Muslim folk culture, the village of Islamic-style buildings, colorful hijab, and everywhere filled with a rich Islamic style. 【Shuidonggou Site】 The national 5A scenic pot is the earliest Paleolithic cultural site unearthed in China and is known as “the birthplace of Chinese prehistoric archeology.” Transfer to cruise ships, donkey carts, camels, tractors and other transport to study the history of the development of China’s transport. We can personally involved in the experience of how to light firewood and stone tools to start fire and craft weapons for hunting.
【Northern Xinjiang Sky Song】performance (compulsory tour)

Day 7Yinchuan (B / L / D-Compulsory tour)

【Sand Lake (includes big boat)】, is a blend of scenic Jiangnan and the outback, both the Gobi desert’s majestic, and also the beautiful southern water, known as a rare cultural tourist destination.
【Goji Berries Sightseeing Farm】 Here you can learn more than two thousand years of wolfberry health culture. Pick & taste fresh Chinese wolfberry while overlooking the Helan Mountain with acres of green countryside.
【Haibao Pagoda】 is a pavilion-style pagoda, with nine tiers and eleven flights of stairs. The rectangular pagoda is made of bricks, 53.9 meters (about 177 feet) high, is an important landmark in Ningxia.
【the Monument of Sino-Arab Friendship】It is mainly divided into three zones: Sino-Arab Friendly Landscape Zone, Sino-Arab Cultural Landscape Park, and Chinese Hui Cultural Landscape Zone.

Day 8Yinchuan - Singapore (B)

After breakfast, free and easy till your flight back to Singapore.

– Tour itinerary and flight subject to final confirmation.
– In the event of discrepancies between Chinese & English itinerary, please refer to Chinese Itinerary.
– Passengers are advise to purchase Travel Insurance.


Chinese Itinerary (华文行程)

第一天新加坡 - 银川


第二天银川 - 西夏王陵 - 贺兰山 - 影视城 (早/午/晚餐)


第三天银川 - 中卫 (早/午/晚餐)

【青铜峡108塔】(含游船)是中国古塔建筑中仅见的大型塔群,是一组排列有序,极为规则的塔 群,共有 108 座,全部都用砖砌成,并抹以白灰。每当风和日丽,108 座塔倒映在金光闪闪 的水波中,景色奇特,幽雅明丽。

第四天中卫 (早/午/晚餐)

【沙坡头旅游区】(含南北区电瓶车、上行索道+滑沙或下行索道缆车)沙坡头景区兼具江南水乡的清秀和西北大漠的雄浑,尤以大漠黄河、治沙奇迹、“沙坡鸣钟”而著称于世。【黄河3D玻璃栈桥自费套票项目】国内首座横跨黄河两岸的 3D 玻璃桥在宁夏中卫市沙坡头景区亮相,正式对游客开放。

第五天中卫 - 景泰 - 中卫 (早/午/晚餐)


第六天中卫 - 银川 (早/午/晚餐)

【水洞沟游览区】(含博物馆+实景体验、电瓶车、游船、驴车、骆驼车、藏兵洞、区间车)国家5A级景区,是中国最早发掘的旧石 器时代文化遗址,被誉为“中国史前考古的发祥地”。水在原始家园体验区内,钻木取火、穿越隧道大家都可以亲自动手参与,体验原始人是如何点燃柴火和打制石器去狩猎捕食。

第七天银川(早 / 午/晚餐 - 自费项目涮羊肉,羊肉为宁夏特色,如不吃可以换成牛或鸡肉)


第八天 银川 - 新加坡 (早餐)

早餐后,自由活动,之后送往机场,乘搭飞机 返回温馨的家园。