7 Days 5 Nights Treasures Of Shikoku


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7 days
Availability : April - December
Tour Details


DEP: 一/三/五
餐食: 5早餐/5中餐/5晚餐


  • Itsukushima Shrine & Great Torii (gate) Iwakuni,KintaikyoBridge
  • Peace Memorial Park The Ruins of Atomic Bomb Dome
  • Memorial Museum, Oyamazumi Shrine
  • Kirosan Observatory Park
  • Towel Museum
  • Matsuyama Castle
    (Incl.Cable Car Ride)
  • Dogo Onsen
  • Station “Bochan” Steam Train
  • Botchan Karakuri Clock
  • Dogo Hot Spring Bath House
  • Asahi Beer Brewery
  • Iya No Kazura Bashi Bridge
  • Naruto-No-Uzushio
  • Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
  • RINKU Premium Outlets


  • 严岛神社和大鸟居(门)岩国,金太桥
  • 和平纪念公园原子弹爆炸圆顶的废墟
  • 纪念馆,Oyamazumi神社
  • Kirosan天文台公园
  • 毛巾博物馆
  • 松山城(Incl.Cable Car Ride)
  • 道后温泉
  • 站“Bochan”蒸汽火车
  • 道后温泉浴室
  • 朝日啤酒厂
  • Iya No Kazura Bashi Bridge
  • 火影无涡潮
  • 明石海峡大桥,RINKU Premium Outlets
Tour Booking Information
  • Minimum Group Size of 15 Adults is required for a confirmed departure. Should minimum group size not be met, Super Travels Pte Ltd shall reserve the right to cancel the tour and refund the deposit paid to the customers concerned and Super Travels shall not be held responsible for any further monies claims whatsoever;
  • All itineraries are subject to changes (due to Flight Schedules, Land and Sea Transport and other causes of an unpredictable nature) and final confirmation from our overseas land operators. Our company, as a Travel Agent cannot be held responsible for any changes so being made to the itineraries due to any but not limited to the above-mentioned factors;
  • We urge all customers to be extra careful with their own personal belongings. Should there be any theft or loss of belongings, Super Travels Pte Ltd shall not be held responsible;
  • Should there be any discrepancies over the English and Chinese Version of the Itinerary, we shall follow accordingly to the English Version.
  • We, as a Travel Agent, shall not be held responsible in the event of a flight delay which can lead to disruptions in the itinerary.
  • During major events and festivals, accommodation may be relocated to outside of the city or in another city without prior notice.
  • During peak season, the Tour leader might not be flying with the group. He/She will instead be waiting for the group in the designated destination.
  • 确认离开时,最少团体人数为15名成人。如果不符合最小团体规模,Super Travels Pte Ltd保留取消旅行并退还支付给有关客户的押金的权利,Super Travels不对任何进一步的款项索赔负责;
  • 所有行程可能会有变化(由于航班时刻表,陆地和海上运输以及其他不可预测的原因)以及我们海外陆地运营商的最终确认。我们公司作为旅行社不对由于任何但不限于上述因素而对行程所做的任何变更负责;
  • 我们敦促所有客户对自己的个人物品格外小心。如果有任何盗窃或丢失的物品,Super Travels Pte Ltd将不承担任何责任;
  • 如果英文版和中文版的行程有任何差异,我们将按照英文版进行操作。
  • 作为旅行代理商,如果航班延误可能导致行程中断,我们将不承担任何责任。
  • 在重大活动和节日期间,住宿可能会被重新安置到城外或其他城市,恕不另行通知。
  • 在高峰时段,巡回赛领队可能不会与团队一起飞行。他/她将等待指定目的地的团体。

Tour itinerary and flight details are subject to final confirmation.
Please refer to Chinese itinerary version for more details.


English Itinerary

Day 1Singapore - Hiroshima (Via Shanghai/ Taipei/ Narita/ Haneda) (Meals On Board)

Tonight, assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to the land of the rising sun – Japan.

Day 2Hiroshima – Iwakuni - Hiroshima (L/D)

Hotel: Hiroshima Granvia hotel or Similar Hiroshima Miyajima Island
One of the most scenic spots in Japan, has long been regarded as an Island of Gods on the beautiful Seto Inland Sea.Itsukushima Shrine & Great Torii (gate) – More than 1400 years of history, and is a registered World Heritage Site. The vermillion lacquered shrine, located at the beautiful Itsukushima, fits well with the Prussian blue sea, and the green of the virgin forest, recreating the elegance of the Heian era. The Great Torii is the boundary between the spirit and the human worlds.The First Otorii of Itsukushima Shrine was constructed in 1168 and was built about 200 meters offshore.Iwakuni – A small city of 150,000 people in southeastern Yamaguchi Prefecture, is best known for its structurally unique Kintaikyo Bridge.Kintaikyo Bridge – Iwakuni’s most distinguished landmark and a subject of admiration for hundreds of years. Completely made of wood and without the use of any nails, the bridge makes five bold arches onto massive stone pillars as it crosses over the Nishiki River.

Day 3Hiroshima - Imabari (B/L/D)

Hotel:Imabari Kokusai Htl or Similar(Onsen)
Peace Memorial Park – A memorial park in the center of Hiroshima, Japan. It is dedicated to the legacy of Hiroshima as the first city in the world to suffer a nuclear attack, and to the memories of the bomb’s direct and indirect victims (of whom there may have been as many as 140,000). The Ruins of Atomic Bomb. Dome – A symbol of peace which most people have at least seen at one time in a picture. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 and has been representing people’s prayers for a lasting peace. Memorial Museum – Located in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, in central Hiroshima, Japan, dedicated to documenting the World War II atomic bombing that occurred with the additional aim of world peace.Oyamazumi Shrine – Located on the island of Ōmishima in the Seto Inland Sea. The shrine is dedicated to the gods who protect sailors and soldiers..Kirosan Observatory Park – A spectacular view from 307.8 Meters on top of Mt Kiro-San. The Observatory at the south end of Oshima Island is uniquely designed under the mountain and cannot be seen from outside. From the top, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Kurushima Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge, the world’s first triple suspension bridge, in front of you, and on your back, Mt Ishizuchi.

Day 4Imabari – Ehime (Dogo - Matsuyama) (B/L/D)

Hotel: Matsuyama Tokyu REI Hotel or Similar
Towel Museum – An interesting and unique museum where you can see and purchase all different kinds of towels. Yes, almost all things in the museum are made of towels, which make it one of the biggest industries of Imabari City. Matsuyama Castle (Include Cable Car Ride) – Matsuyama Castle – One of Japan’s twelve “original castles”, i.e. castles which have survived the post-feudal era since 1868 intact. It is also one of the most complex and interesting castles in the country. It is located on Mount Katsuyama, a steep hill in the city center that provides visitors with a bird’s eye view of Matsuyama and the Seto Inland Sea.Matsuyama City Tour: Dogo Onsen HonKan (Dogo Hot Spring) – One of the oldest hot spring areas in Japan, Dogo Onsen Station “Bochan” Steam Train , Botchan Karakuri Clock, Dogo Hot Spring Bath House – Japan’s oldest hot spring bath house which is said to be approximately 3,000 years.

Day 5Matsuyama - Tokushima (B/L/D)

Hotel: Awashima Royal Hotel or Similar(Onsen) Ishiteji Temple
A Shingon temple in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. It is Temple 51 on the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage. Seven of its structures have been designated National Treasures or Important Cultural Properties.Asahi Beer Brewery. Iya No Kazura Bashi Bridge – The largest and most popular of the remaining bridges, stretches 45 meters across the Iya River at the center of the valley, and gives visitors an unsettling view of the water 14 meters below the open slats of the span. The bridge, which is rebuilt every three years, is anchored to tall cedar trees at both ends and has steel cables hidden within the vines for safety. The bridge can be crossed in one direction only. Michi No Eki (Meaning Roadside Station) – A government-designated rest area found along roads and highways in Japan. In addition to providing places for travelers to rest, they are intended to promote local tourism and trade. Shops may sell local produce, snacks, souvenirs, and other goods. All Roadside Stations provide 24-hour access to parking, restrooms and facilities for sharing information.

Day 6Tokushima - Kansai (B/L/D)

Hotel: Garden Belleuve Kansai Hotel or Similar
Naruto-No-Uzushio – The Naruto whirlpools are tidal whirlpools in the Naruto Strait, a channel between Naruto in Tokushima and Awaji Island in Hyōgo, Japan. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Photo Stop) – A suspension bridge, which links the city of Kobe on the Japanese mainland of Honshu to Iwaya on Awaji Island. It crosses the busy Akashi Strait as part of the Honshu-Shikoku Highway..
Rinku Premium Outlets

Day 7Kansai - Singapore (B) (Via Shanghai/Taipei/Narita/Haneda)

After breakfast, you shall bid farewell to this beautiful country as you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Singapore. (Flights Via MU/CI, Additional 1-Night Stay Due To Flight Schedule Concerns)

Chinese Itinerary (华文行程)

第一天新加坡 - 广岛 - (途经上海/台北/东京) (机上用餐)


第二天广岛 - 岩国 - 广岛 (午/晚餐) 入住:Hiroshima granvia hotel 或同级

今天,往有日本三大景之一的宫岛去。可以看到浮在海面上的朱红色大鸟居。圆柱高 16 米,周长 10 米,是用楠树自然木做成的。满潮时大鸟居的下部被浪包围,看不到。好像鸟居浮在海面一样。接着,进入严岛神社。浮在海面的本社正殿和长廊也是严岛的特征之一。朱红色的圆柱林立的走廊下,拐几个弯,好像走廊一直在海上延续似的。真是让人入迷的景色。冬天的宫岛也值得推荐。积雪的对岸为背景,看到的大鸟居的景色,也吸引很多摄影爱好者。接着到岩国的象征-锦带桥去参观。桥长约 200 米、宽 5 米,是一座 5 孔木制拱桥,采用了组合式的建造技法,不用一根钉子,

第三天广岛 - 今治 (早/午/晚餐) 入住: Imabari Kokusai Hotel 或同级 (Onsen)

早晨,到和平纪念公园和原弹纪念馆去了解二战历史。在广岛市内,你可看到原爆圆顶馆,它是 ,留在市中心的原爆遗迹。在和平纪念公园里散步。公园宽广明亮,难以值信这里有过悲惨地历史。下个景点是大山祇神社.大山祇神社是爱媛县屈指可数的古老寺院。这里以神很灵验著称,前来这里参拜的人络绎不绝。特别是这里还有楠群作为天然纪念品。然后,到亀老山展望台去.展望台由建筑家隈研吾亲手打造,具有〝从外侧看不到、从内侧看得到〞的设计概念。从展望台可以饱览世界首座三连吊桥”来岛海峡大桥”、被列为日本三大急潮之一的来岛海峡潮流等等。

第四天今治-爱媛 (早/午/晚餐) 入住:Matsuyama Tokyu REI Hotel 或同级

早餐后,首先到独特的毛巾博物馆去看看。在此,你可看到用毛巾制作的可爱玩具,用品等等。你也可在此拍拍照。所有物品颜色亮丽,造型可爱,独特。。接着,到松山城去(含缆车)。它是加藤嘉明于 1628 年建成的,花费了 25 年光阴搭建出来的古城。是日本有名的山城之一。游毕,往道后温泉去参观。道后温泉拥有 3000 年左右的悠久历史,是日本最古老的温泉。温泉浴池的主楼是道后温泉的象征,建于 1894 年,是三层木制结构的建筑。在此,你可以看到古老的"蒸汽钟和蒸汽火车"。

第五天松山-德岛 (早/午/晚餐) 入住:Awashima Royal Hotel 或同级 (Onsen)

早餐后,首先到“四国八十八处灵地”因朝拜者巡礼朝拜四国地区内的八十八处寺庙而闻名于世。位于道后温泉附近的第 51 处寺庙“石手寺”境内,至今尚保存了许多指定为国宝、或重要文化遗产的建筑物,每年都迎接众多的参拜者。过后,前往著名的啤酒酿酒厂-Asahi Beer 去参观.祖谷的蔓桥,在过去,这道藤桥是将人员和货物运过山谷的其中一个途径。这里曾经有13道桥梁横跨山谷,但至今只剩下三道。祖谷的蔓桥是三条桥中最大和最有名,桥长45米,离河谷14米。每隔三年便会重建,两端固定在高大的雪松树,钢索隐藏在藤蔓中以确安全,游客只能向单方面行走。

第六天德岛-关西 (早/午/晚餐) 入住:Garden Belleuve Kansai Hotel或同级

今早,出发前往德岛去观世界名潮——鸣门“涡潮”。涡潮就是海洋涨潮落潮相互作用,最后在海面上产生的大规模漩涡,很壮观。接着明石海峡大桥拍照留念.此桥在 1998 年建成,它是世界上目前最长的吊桥。接着到 RINKU 工厂直销中心去疯狂购物。

第七天关西新加坡 (早餐/机上用餐)

早餐后,带着与超级旅游共享美好的点滴,飞返美丽的家园新加坡!(注明:若乘搭MU/CI,因航班抵达时间原因,需多住1晚).如选择MI航空; D1-D5同上,其它如下: