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10 Days
Availability : April - December
Beijing, Shanghai & Harbin
Tour Details

Tour code: NEC08A
Airline: CA/MU
Hotel : 4-5 Star Hotel
Special Upgrade 7N to Local 5* Hotel
Traditional Local Delicacies

Tour code: NEC08A
Dep: 二/四/六
Airline: CA/MU
酒店:全程四 –五星级酒店


  • Harbin:Volga Manor
  • Jingpo lake--Typical of China's The largest lava lake
  • Yalu River--River on the border between North Korea and China
  • Red Beach--Biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world
  • Mt. Changbai--China and the DPRK's Jieshan, The Top 10 Famous mountains in China & The First Kanto Mountain
  • Shenyang: Forbidden city, Ancient Street of Qing Dynasty
  • Dalian: Xinghai Square, Dalian Centenary Sculpture, Binhai Road, Dalian North Bridge, Tiger Beach Sculptures, Oriental Venice water city Dalian


  • 伏尔加庄园:一个以俄罗斯文化为主题 的园林,是完完全全充实着异域风情的庄园
  • 镜泊湖--中国最大的典型熔岩堰塞湖
  • 丹东:中朝两国的天然边境—鸭绿江
  • 中朝两国的界山、中华十大名山之一、 关东第一山 — 长白山
  • 天下奇观—红海滩
  • 沈阳:故宫、清代一条街
  • 大连:星海广场、百年城雕、滨海路、北大桥、虎滩群雕、东方威尼斯水城
Tour Booking Information
  • Minimum Group Size of 15 Adults is required for a confirmed departure. Should minimum group size not be met, Super Travels Pte Ltd shall reserve the right to cancel the tour and refund the deposit paid to the customers concerned and Super Travels shall not be held responsible for any further monies claims whatsoever;
  • All itineraries are subject to changes (due to Flight Schedules, Land and Sea Transport and other causes of an unpredictable nature) and final confirmation from our overseas land operators. Our company, as a Travel Agent cannot be held responsible for any changes so being made to the itineraries due to any but not limited to the above-mentioned factors;
  • We urge all customers to be extra careful with their own personal belongings. Should there be any theft or loss of belongings, Super Travels Pte Ltd shall not be held responsible;
  • Should there be any discrepancies over the English and Chinese Version of the Itinerary, we shall follow accordingly to the English Version.
  • We, as a Travel Agent, shall not be held responsible in the event of a flight delay which can lead to disruptions in the itinerary.
  • During major events and festivals, accommodation may be relocated to outside of the city or in another city without prior notice.
  • During peak season, the Tour leader might not be flying with the group. He/She will instead be waiting for the group in the designated destination.
  • 确认离开时,最少团体人数为15名成人。如果不符合最小团体规模,Super Travels Pte Ltd保留取消旅行并退还支付给有关客户的押金的权利,Super Travels不对任何进一步的款项索赔负责;
  • 所有行程可能会有变化(由于航班时刻表,陆地和海上运输以及其他不可预测的原因)以及我们海外陆地运营商的最终确认。我们公司作为旅行社不对由于任何但不限于上述因素而对行程所做的任何变更负责;
  • 我们敦促所有客户对自己的个人物品格外小心。如果有任何盗窃或丢失的物品,Super Travels Pte Ltd将不承担任何责任;
  • 如果英文版和中文版的行程有任何差异,我们将按照英文版进行操作。
  • 作为旅行代理商,如果航班延误可能导致行程中断,我们将不承担任何责任。
  • 在重大活动和节日期间,住宿可能会被重新安置到城外或其他城市,恕不另行通知。
  • 在高峰时段,巡回赛领队可能不会与团队一起飞行。他/她将等待指定目的地的团体。

Tour itinerary and flight details are subject to final confirmation.
Please refer to Chinese itinerary version for more details.


English Itinerary

Day 1Singapore (Beijing/Shanghai) Harbin (D)

Assemble at Changi Airport and take flight to Beijing or Shanghai, then transit to Harbin.

Day 2Harbin - Volga Manor (B/L/D)

【Central Street】 is the largest and longest walk street in Asia which was first built in 1898.
【Chinese Baroque style street】exhibit various styles of architecture, mostly built in Baroque, Byzantine style or
“Russian style”.
【Flood Control Monument】 the symbol of this heroic city to commemorate the people’s victory over the devastating
floods of 1957.
【Stalin Park】the park is evidence of the friendship, sometimes strained, between the two biggest communist countries at
that time.

Day 3Volga Manor - Mudan River (B/L/D)

【Volga Manor】 The Russian culture is the theme of it. Volga Manor perfectly combines culture, architecture, wet land and scenery. 【Pushkin Salonin】 accordance with the architectural style built in the 19th century Russia
【Pavlov Castle】is a famous castle in Russian history.
【St.Nicholas church】 in Volga Manor. 【Xiaobaihua restaurant】 is the design product of a famous Russian designer.

Day 4Mudan River - Jingpo Lake - Mt. Changbai (B/L/D)

【Jingpo Lake】-(include 3ways eco car) is the largest lava dammed lake in mountainous area of China.
【Diaoshuilou Waterfall】It is quite similar to the world-well-known Niagara.
【Cruise Ride at Jingpo lake】see Rainbow bridge and Mt. Maogong from far.

Day 5Mt. Changbai - Jilin (B/L/D)

【Mt. Changbai North Slope】-(include eco car)is actually a dormant volcano and seen as a National Nature Reserve in China.
【Heaven Lake】Tianchi (Include Eco Car Ride)
Due to its location which has a massive elevation of 2150 meters above sea level, it is also known as the “Heavenly Lake”.
【Changbai Mountain Waterfalls】and the forest.
【Luyuan Pond】Because its water is extremely green and clear, it is like the water of Jiuzhaigou.
【Julong Hot Spring】(1 Hotspring egg /pax)is about 900 meters away from Changbai Waterfall. The temperature of the hot
spring usually rises to 82 degrees, even during a severe winter.

Day 6Jilin - Shenyang (B/L/D)

【Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo】(close every Monday)
The museum is a record of the Japanese invasion of Northeast China and turning it into colony and integrates the imperial
【Beishan Park】known as “scared ground for nine dragons”. The scenic area, with a history of over 300 years, originally was
called Jiulong Mountain.
【Century Square】

Day 7Shenyang - Panjin (B/L/D)

【Shenyang Forbidden City】 which is also called Houjin Forbidden City and was first built in 1625. It is the imperial palace before Qing Dynasty’s advancing south of Great Wall.
【Ancient Street of Qing Dynasty】 where you can buy characteristic souvenirs.
【Red Beach Scenic Area】featuring the famous Red Beach, the world’s most well-preserved and largest wetland resources.

Day 8PanJin - DanDong (B/L/D)

【Boat Ride at Yalu River】is a river on the boarder between North Korea and China
【Yalu River Broken Bridge】is a half-destroyed railway bridge over the Yalu River that connected the Chinese city of Dandong
with the North Korean city。
【Hushan Great Wall】 which is the most easterly known part of the Great Wall China.
【One Step to Cross】have a glance over both China and North Korea border from far.

Day 9DanDong - Dalian (B/L/D)

【Binghai Road】【NorthBridge】
【Tiger Beach Sculpture】 which is on the north of Dalian and from there we can enjoy a marvelous view of the incredibly wide and vast sea.
【Dalian Centenary Sculpture】picturesque square of Xinghai Square.
【Oriental Venice water city Dalian】design by ‘European-style’ architecture created by Chinese architects who visited Venice.

Day 10Dalian - Singapore (B)

Today you will take a return flight back to Singapore. (via Shanghai or Beijing)

Chinese Itinerary (华文行程)

第一天新加坡 (北京/上海转机)- 哈尔滨 (晚餐)


第二天哈尔滨 - 伏尔加 (早/午/晚餐)


第三天伏尔加 - 牡丹江 (早/午/晚餐)

伏尔加庄园:风景秀丽,有大片的园林和滩涂湿地;庄园美轮美奂的风景将带给您庄园画里听钟声,推窗忆情俄罗斯的意境。普希金沙龙:按 照19世纪末俄罗斯建筑风格建成,巴甫洛夫城堡:是庄园最有吸引力的建筑之一,也是新人们最期盼的婚礼场地圣尼古拉大教堂:是一座俄罗斯东正教教堂。小白桦餐厅:俄罗斯著名设计师拉别奇在参加巴黎国际展览会时设计的作品。

第四天牡丹江 - 镜泊湖 - 长白山 (早/午/晚餐)


第五天长白山 - 吉林 (早/午/晚餐)


第六天吉林 - 沈阳 (早/午/晚餐)


第七天沈阳 - 盘锦 (早/午/晚餐)


第八天盘锦 - 丹东 (早/午/晚餐)


第九天丹东 - 大连 (早/午/晚餐)

早餐后乘车前往美丽的滨海城市——大连,滨海路、北大桥.继前往虎滩群雕,是中国最大的一座现代化海滨游乐场。百年城雕是星海广场一个著名的景点,东方威尼斯水城,漫步于欧式建筑与水城风光中,感受威尼斯水城般的异域风情 .

第十天大连 - 新加坡 (早餐)


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