Why You Should Join Super Travels Australia & New Zealand

The only countries on Earth where you can find the Great Barrier Reef, Hobbitton, wonderful landscapes and excellent food culture!

Be it self-driving or a family tour, Australia and New Zealand are easily the number one destination for travellers from Singapore. The reasons are obvious: you will see amazing sceneries; taste awesome wine, cheese, chocolate and honey; and even try insane experiences like skydiving or taking a helicopter ride up the mountain (which we all know Sean Bean was afraid of in Lord of the Rings).

Lots of flight choices

You are spoilt for choices from the moment you are going to fly to Australia or New Zealand. Take a flight on top carriers like Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas, Air New Zealand to various destinations including Perth, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

Instaworthy Sights

Have you ever seen the blue boat house (Crawley Edge Boatshed)? Or nature’s window? How about Hobbiton or even Lake Tekapo? There are tons of wonderful sights to fill your Instagram.

Best Sellers

If you are up for relaxation time in Australia, head down to the Gold Coast to visit the famous theme parks and of course, hit the beach!

The famous city of Perth is the capital of Western Australia. Check out beautiful sights such as the renowned King's Park & Blue Boat House

The South Island of New Zealand is well known for its countryside sceneries and you can try out activities like cruising on beautiful bays.

Sydney, home of the famous landmark representation of Australia: the Sydney Opera House and the panoramic Blue Mountains are sure to wow you.